If we had hard metrics relating the impact of [using social media] on bottom line, our current technopoly would likely crumble. - Deep Work by Cal Newport.

Cal Newport raises an interesting concept that deserves testing. I created Memair DNS in order to test the effect of social media. In my first experiment I tested self reported happiness for 60 days. The results were alarming.

Social Media Experiment Results

There is possible bias introduced by my preconceptions. However with these results, I can confidently conclude that social media is having a negative effect on my happiness.

Unfriending Facebook

Facebook’s network effect makes it difficult to leave. There is, however, value in my Facebook network so I don’t want to delete my account. I have opted to encourage communication via email by changing my profile pic to email instructions.

Updated Facebook Profile Pic

I will change my habits and check Facebook once a week on Fridays. Eventually moving to once every 2 weeks and then once a month.