Self experimentation helps me become the best version of me. Declaring my experiments before seeing the results keeps me honest. This is the first of many planned self experiments.

Experiment GIF

Social Media’s effect on my self reported happiness


Exposure to social media is negatively correlated to self reported happiness.


I will use Memair DNS on my computer & mobile device to pseudorandomly block social media on 50% of days. Every morning of the experiment, I will self report my happiness on a scale from 0 to 10 using Memair emotions. The nature of the pseduorandonly blocking leads to runs of blocked days followed by runs of unblocked days. In order to counter cross-over effect, the first two days after a state change (from blocked to unblocked or vice versa) will be ignored.

The experiment started on the 4th of May and will run for 60 days. The results & calculations will be published on GitHub.

I welcome any feedback, comments, or advice on experiment design. Make a prediction in the comments below!