I don’t mean to brag but I used to be really good at sleeping.

Greg Sleeping

That changed after returning from Afghanistan in 2011. While deployed, I was on an 8 hours on 8 hours off sleep cycle. It was basically months of being jet lagged.

Greg in Afghanistan

I have no trouble getting to sleep however I struggle to stay asleep. Often I wake up around 4am and stay awake for a couple of hours before dozing off again.

Greg Awake

These insomnia spells often occur in sequence and I start to struggle by the third day of poor sleep. I want to fix my sleep.

This experiment will help me determine if low doses of cannabinoids assists my sleeping. As with my previous experiment, I am declaring the experiment before seeing the results to keep me honest.

Cannabinoid effect on Sleep


Low dose Cannabidiol (CBD) & Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) taken orally before bed will increase sleep quality as measured by a Mi Band 3 using the Mi Fit sleep points metric.


The experiment will be separated into 3 day experiment blocks and 3 day control blocks. The subject will take 10mg CBD & 10mg THC via 2 capsules prior to bed on experiment days. No other cannabis products will be consumed during the experiment period. The subject will wear a Mi Band 3 and use the Mi Fit app to track sleep quality.

The experiment will start on the 5th of June and run for 42 days. 42 day experiment length addresses weekly seasonality with 3 day experiment blocks. The results & calculations will be published on GitHub.

Experiment results

I welcome any feedback, comments, or advice on experiment design. Make a prediction in the comments below!