This week we explore Long Island, Bahamas.

We motor sailed down with a flotilla of boats. We made good time and pulled into a nice flat anchorage in Thompson Bay. We started some boat chores immediately; Greg began with replacing the zinc in the heat exchanger, and then we changed the transmission oil.

Thompson Bay has a nice regatta site, grocery store and marine supply store. Lucky for us, they had a portable VHF radio for sale; we needed one after accidentally submerging our previous VHF. Though it was a pricey investment (as the price point in the Bahamas is much greater), we were willing to buy it since the VHF is an important piece of safety equipment, especially since we travel long distances in our dinghy.

We enjoyed a bus tour of Long Island with the Cruisers Rally and visited landmarks such as the Hamilton Caves, Dean’s Blue Hole, the Adderly Plantation and the Columbus Monument.

After moving to the quiet and clear waters of Calabash Bay, we decided to scrub the bottom of Catsaway. Due to being at anchor for longer periods and the warm waters of the Bahamas, we have had to scrub her weekly to keep up our speed. Luckily, her shallow draft meant that we could pull close enough to shore so that scrubbing wasn’t such hard work.

Long Island was our southern most destination and the halfway point of our trip. We are started to head back north to Canada.

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