This week we leave Long Island and Hercie gets sick.

We sailed from Calabash Bay to Rum Cay. The coral heads at Rum Cay are over 20 feet high; unfortunately most of these reefs are dead. They were ravaged by hurricanes and much of the sea life is gone. The next day, we sailed up to Cat Island.

Hercie had vomited the night we arrived at Rum Cay. We noticed he was listless and so were keeping an eye on him. He quickly deteriorated and stopped eating and drinking. He was straining to urinate and was vomiting bile. We went ashore to try and find an animal clinic for him but learned that there was none on the island.

Diana started writing to clinics in Nassau, and they all confirmed that Hercie’s situation was dire and that he needed emergency care right away. After much help from the local community, we managed to book Diana on a flight to Nassau.

Hercie was treated immediately by Dr. Allen and the staff at the Happy Pets Animal Clinic. They inserted a catheter and an IV, and Hercie was resting comfortably by that night.

Diana stayed two nights in Nassau because she couldn’t get on a flight back to Cat Island. This meant Greg had to single hand the boat to our new anchorage at Old Bight.

Carl from Rolleez Resorts kindly organized for his wife Yvonne to pick Diana and Hercie up from the airport. Finally we were all together again!


Video footage of Catsaway from Harry and Alicia from Jennabird “On Brevity” by Josh Woodward “Little Tomcat” by Josh Woodward “Together on our Own” by Josh Woodward

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