This week we enjoy the Georgetown Cruisers Regatta!

We participated in the coconut challenge and the downwind inflatable dinghy race. Our rig for the sailing race was a shower curtain, connected to two boat hooks. Though our design was simple, it worked very well and we actually ended up placing third. It was so much fun that we wished the race would have continued for longer. We collected 59 coconuts in the coconut challenge and captured 12 coconuts in the toss. The winning team collected over 100 coconuts!

We developed a routine during our 3 weeks in Georgetown - collecting water, propane, grocery shopping and community events. Diana held a few yoga classes a week (weather permitting), and we enjoyed meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones.

We decided to leave to Long Island shortly after the cruisers regatta was over. Goodbye Georgetown! Thanks for the fun.

Engine Problems

The heat exchange on our Westerbeke 30b is leaking. The engine is drinking coolant and we have observed coolant coming out the exhaust when we start the engine. The engine is not using oil and the oil has remained clear so it’s not likely to be a head gasket. The leak is slow and once we’ve filled the engine we have a few hours of run time before we need to add more coolant. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a hassle at the moment.

The prop on our Sonic Sillette MK2 drive leg is leaking oil. The leak is slow however recently the drive leg oil has become milky which suggests that sea water is also leaking in. We’ve contacted the manufacturer and they said that it’s ok in the short term. We’ve also reduced how much we use our drive leg and now sail off and on anchor in most cases.

We’ll be heading to Fort Pierce in Florida in early May 2018 and would like to get the work done. Please contact us if you have any recommendations.

Live Map

Credits: Video credits of Catsaway sailing - Harry and Alicia from Jennabird Video credits of the Downwind dinghy race - Kay and Bruce from Laura Belle

“Morning Coffee” by Christine Jakel “Storm Clouds” by Christine Jakel “Lagos 2050” by South London HiFi