Yesterday I visited a Mosque in Luton. I am planning on traveling to Turkey and I wanted to get a better understanding of the Muslim Faith and culture. My timing worked out quite well and when I arrived I was informed by a fellow outside that there was an open day of sorts upstairs. They had lots of information in the form of posters, pamphlets, and talks from people of different faiths out lining Islam and it’s relationships to Christianity and women etc. I also talked to an Irish fellow who had converted to Islam because of Christianities effect on his home land. I agreed with most of what was said (except for a really boring talk by a 13 year old boy about Islam and the environment, it just didn’t finish and he used all those annoying effects in powerpoint with the spinning letters and annoying sounds!) but I don’t understand why people choose to derive their morality and humanity from contradictory ancient books as apposed to thought and reason. It seems a little dangerous no matter how good your intentions. I’ll stick to my agnostic pantheism, that’s the way god made me ;), and you’re entitled to disagree… but your opinion is wrong. One thing that I really did like about Islam was the free chocolate croissant at the back of the Mosque but I’m pretty sure that’s just a trick to get me back, we’ll see if it worked next Saturday.

Last night I cooked for everyone. I was meant to cook 3 cheese tortellini with creamy sage sauce but because Tescos doesn’t sell fresh sage leafs and I’d bought square pasta sheets instead of round pasta sheets it became 3 cheese ravioli with creamy red sauce :) Silly Tescos with it’s lack of sage and abundance of Yorkshire puddings and alike.

Today was spent playing with air rifles, bows and arrows, kayaks, and rock climbing walls. It was a scout event for adults that Hayley took me to. I really enjoyed it, it was like year 10 camp but my voice had broken. We played with the air rifles first. The target was 10 meters away and we wore funky science glasses. I’d never shot an air rifle before and I was quite surprised by their accuracy and power and now I want one to shoot stuff. Next we played with the Kayaks, they weren’t all that great and there was something wrong with mine because it wouldn’t go straight. Archery was set in woods and I felt just like Robin Hood expect I had trouble hitting the target 20 meters away unlike Robin Hood who can split an arrow in half. We finished the day on the rock climbing wall but I wasn’t feeling that well and Hayley and I only played once before retiring home for supper and pudding (that means dinner and desert for those who aren’t familiar with pomie english).