Today was my last day of work at the Laurel Pub Company. I spent the day stuffing my self full of chocolates and feeling sick, guilty and oddly content.

I’ve really enjoyed my time there and played some fun pranks on the new staff. I thoughtfully lent Sarah my pass when she left hers at home but I swapped the Laurel security pass for my Ceroc membership card so she had an amusing conversation with one of the building staff. Yesterday I played the lift game on the new girl Cheryl. It worked perfectly as Kirtsy and I observed Cheryl trying to swipe her card into a different company while the meeting inside stared at her. Cheryl however had seen accessed my myspace page and shared some pictures she’d discovered with the office in revenge. I will get her back. We went out for lunch and I received some nice words in my cards and some warm goodbye hugs.

My new adventures start in Bracknell on Thursday :) so I’ve got a lot of packing to get done. My laptop will be going home to Australia so for the next few months my blog entries may be far and few between but I’ll try to keep you up to date :)