I’m having yet another lazy weekend :) in preparation for my go go travel in the coming months. I booked my train ticket for Europe and look up hire cars for Ireland but my weekend has mainly been filled with laying in bed. Before I left the UK I was planning on visiting my grandmother on my dads side but when I called her and asked she turned me down :( She’s not aging so well and I don’t think I’m going to be back in the UK anytime soon so I was a little disappointed. She seems to have the maternal instincts of a sponge. I don’t actually have any memories of her and it would have been nice to have met her if only once. The experience made me appreciate my other grandmother, she’s my real grandmother, she sends me birthday cards, makes me fat with roasts & fry-ups, and has an Irish accent.

So here is my plan for the next few months.

19th September
I finish work and have a going away bash :)

21th September
Visit family on my mums side.

5th October
Head to Ireland and stay with Scott and Jacqui.

5th-10th October
Drink Guinness and be merry with Chris while waiting for Scott and Jacqui to finish work. Maybe visit some family.

10th - 24th October
Road trip around Ireland with Scott, Chris, & Jacqui.

25th - 30th October
Fly to Europe, maybe in the north, and chill for a few days

31st October
My 22 days of rail starts so I’ll head south through some random places in eastern Europe and maybe get as far a Turkey.

22nd September
Head to Switzerland to visit a mate Adrian.

Very lose and it’s a work in progress :)

If you have any ideas of cool places to visit over that side of the world please leave a comment and let me know :)