Angie is been let go as of next Wednesday so Anne told me early yesterday :) but because shes working through a temp agency Anne contacted them to terminate her contract and it doesn’t appear as though she knows yet :s so I’m worried I’ll get stabbed on Monday, or maybe she’s a good employee and will see out the rest of her contract professionally and then stab me, I’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve been doing my best to avoid her and not make eye contact.

However this victory of mine feels a little shallow and no longer having an arch enemy has left me feeling a little empty. It’s like Fidel Castro dying of old age, sure the US has one less enemy but they didn’t get the pleasure and satisfaction of destroying him themselves. The US lost by default. And I’ve got this other feeling in my stomach, it’s like hunger but eating doesn’t make it go away and every time i think about Angie losing her job because of me, it gets stronger. Maybe drinking will help :)

There was a failed car bomb attempt in London today, the tv is telling me that it was Al Qaeda but the tv also told me there was a 24 hour postal strike today. The tv hasn’t made the connection between thousands of disgruntled postal workers with free time on their hands and a dud car bomb but I’m sure it won’t take them long.