They’ve just brought in a smoking ban in the UK which means that all the pubs will smell of the soap dodger BO instead of smoke. It’s going to affect business so a guy with a slide show told me in a meeting at work (I now work in the industry, I’m in accounts payable of a pub company). I really enjoyed the slide show, it meant that I didn’t have to work for 30 mins but even better than that my name, among others, was on the slide show as a new member to the team. The gentleman at the front of the meeting asked everyone to give the new members a round of applause. I wasn’t sure if I was meant to applaud the other members or just stand there and make the most of been applauded. So I stood there uncomfortably smiling and did a half arsed leg tap. Angie wasn’t invited to the meeting because she’s finishing up tomorrow. I’ve been avoiding eye contact and have found a longer but less dangerous way to the coffee machine. I’m still quite scared that she’s going to stab me tomorrow. It’d better wear an under shirt.

I went Ceroc dancing with Haley and Laura tonight. It was fun and interesting to see the different way they dance here. They have a different dance culture which I wasn’t aware of and which made for an embarrassing situation when I told a lady, who I later found out was an instructor, that she didn’t know what she was talking about and that I’ve been dancing for a year now.

Nathalie has gone back to Australia because she was quite ill :( It’s good that she’s back home with her family and I’m sure she’ll be well again shortly so I’m not too worried. Her job in Greece turned out to be a bit of a dud. The place was nice but soulless, and her health insurance didn’t start until September, which is fine if you’re not sick but if that was true you wouldn’t need health insurance. Bob Fillis, the gentleman who employed her wasn’t happy but he’s Greek so it doesn’t matter.