I had a bit of a run in with my new arch enemy Angie yesterday. She is a my way or the highway kind of girl but because of that, i end up doing more work (she makes me file in between her work which takes a lot longer than if we did it together). So i went to articulate a possible solution but by the 5th word of my idea she got narkie and went on a 5 minute spiel about how she doesn’t want to file with me and every time i tried to explain my point she raised her voice. So i stood there in an open plan office been yelled at by a crazy lady. Everyone averted their eyes uncomfortably and I walked away a little shocked and did my filing by myself. A little later Kate came up to me and told me that she shouldn’t be speaking to me like that and that she’d informed Angie and my boss, Anne. Later Anne came up and asked how i was going. I think there was an episode of Dilbert like this.