I’ve finished my first week of 9 till 5, monday to friday work. It’s not that i haven’t worked 9 till 5, or monday to friday, just never together. I’ve already got an arch enemy. Her name is Angie and she does the same job as me. She’s doesn’t believe in systems and makes me do a lot more work than i need to.

I’m moving from kath and boyds (my dads aunty and uncle) to kay (my dads cousin) and bobs (kays cousin) on sunday. They have the internet. I really liked staying with kat and boyd but it’s hard living with older people when your generation why and used to living on the fly. Kath told me off today for coming home too late. I’ve never made it home from work in time to eat dinner and it’s usually in the microwave so i figured an extra 30 minutes wouldn’t matter but it did. I didn’t know how to react been told off at 24 so i went outside and played with the dog uncomfortably for a while.

I’m off to the real estate agency’s tomorrow. They’re showing me two cheaper places and then on monday i’m seeing a nice one. The nice one has been in the paper for a while and the agent is very keen to get someone in it, so keen infact that he’s picking me up to show it to me. I can stay with kay and bob for as long as i like but i want nathalie to move over from greece and it would be nice to have a place of our own.