We updated the ship’s technology including;

  • Raspberry Pi running a Rails app as the Ship’s Computer
  • Outernet receiver for weather at sea
  • Find me Spot to report ships current location
  • vYacht to connect to the Ship’s instruments
  • And an EPIRB in case of emergency

We attempted to create our own Seatalk cable in order to save some money. It worked for a little while but was constantly causing instrument errors when the boat moved. Diana and I are trekkies aso it was fun working on a Star Trek themed Ship’s Computer. I’ll enjoy continuing to work on that while we’re sailing at warp 0.00000000000001.

https://github.com/ShipsComputer/ComputerCore https://outernet.is/ https://findmespot.com/ https://vyacht.net/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_position-indicating_radiobeacon_station

Contributing projects LCARS-SDK front end https://github.com/Aricwithana/LCARS-SDK Earth weather visualization https://github.com/cambecc/earth

Credits: “Invisible” by Vibe Tracks

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