I Ubered to work the day after receiving a pay rise at work. The Driver and I chatted for the 10 minute trip. He drove Uber for extra cash but his main income was driving a truck from Cornwall to B.C.. Traveling by land across Canada was on my bucket list and I smiled. Then my stomach filled with guilt as I realised how the inevitable progress of technology will affect each of us. It’s unlikely that the career of this ~40 year old man will exist in a decade. Technology is increasing my lifestyle and my career is likely to be safe and in demand for another couple of decades. This was an uncomfortable realisation to come face to face with.

Legislation may slows the inevitable, but that will just lead to misemployment, which is still the waste of a human. We face massive social changes as human labour becomes worthless. This has being some taxi drivers reaction to competition from Uber that might affect their livelihoods.

Uberpop Riots in Paris Protests by Parisian taxi drivers turn violent. Key highways around Paris were blocked and tires were burned during the day-long strike. Barriers also appeared around Marseille and Aix-en-Provence in southeast France. Some cars were overturned and others had their windows smashed with bats.

Taxi Driver attacks Uber driver in Toronto Taxi driver attacks Uber drivers car during protests in Toronto. Full video here

People are understandably scared of losing their jobs. We often define ourselves by our jobs. Most people answer “what do you do?” with their career. When people no longer have careers, how will they answer that question?