Once a week I volunteer for the Street Mission sailing program. We take clients for a sail around Pittwater which is the next harbour north of Sydney. Here are some photos of wildlife I’ve taken.

This is a pretty little bird that visited our boat.</p>

There were thousands of jellyfish, this photo doesn't do it justice.

Here is a Wallaby at the Basin.

I came across this sponge while looking for a present for mothers day :) It was cheap but after handling it I got a rash and it felt like pins and needles on the inside of my skin. I don't think my mum would have liked it very much.

This is my favourite wildlife experience in Pittwater. I've seen dolphins before while sailing but these ones were different, they kept swimming sideways so they could look at me and once I moved from the back of the boat they followed me. It was very nice of them :)</center>

I've also seen fairy penguins, sea eagles (having sex, they're really really loud), and snakes but I haven't been quick enough with my camera :(