I found out today that Molly was put down yesterday. I loved that dog. I wasn’t going to see her again but for some reason it’s harder to deal with knowing that she’s not existing atm even though she was never going to exist in my life. I know that might sound self centred but she wasn’t self aware and wasn’t scared of non existence so her death isn’t bad for her. Maybe I’m just trying to deal with her death :( She failed the tests they do to see if they can rehouse her. Stu said he would take her and find a home for her but by the time mum contacted the RSPCA today it was too late :( My mum said to me today “Do you think she’s getting on well with Lulu?” I wanted to believe that but I couldn’t. It’s strange that people are only willing to accept non existence in 3 dimensions of the 4 common dimensions.

March 2005 - May 2010