I’m at work waiting for Cathy, my cousin to finish and give me a lift home. I thought I’d hang around because Cathy will be 30 mins and will take 10 mins to drive home verse the 90 mins or so catching the bus takes :s Plus I get to blog in the mean time.

I’ve been helping Haley, my cousin, with beavers. It’s scouts for younger children 6 to 8 years old. I enjoy it but have discovered that it’s a lot more religious then I realised. Andrew, a beaver leader told the children the story of Noah’s Ark and then they drew pictures of the ark. I don’t really think it’s a suitable story for children. This majicaly creature in the sky gets angry with the world and decides to kill everyone except for one crazy guy who thinks god is talking to him and his family. Then the guy and his family incestuously repopulate the world. I didn’t understand what morel the beavers were meant to take away from this. Maybe that if you hear voices that tell you to build a massive ark you should do it, or that incest isn’t really a bad thing, or that there is a magically creature in the sky that will kill you and everyone you know but he loves you. But beavers are moving forward and apparently it doesn’t matter what faith you are as long as you have faith. But what about poor atheists?

We played a games at beavers called sticks in which you have a tug of war with a stick. The beavers were put into two teams and then individually coupled against a beaver on the opposing team. The teams were odd so I was played to even things up. I was coupled against the smallest beaver who came no higher than my waist. I dominated the beaver! I kicked his little arse twice. Then he sat down with a disappointed expression on his face like he’d failed. It made me feel strong.