I am writing this blog entry from the discomfort of a toilet paying for my birthdays wonderful cheesefest (isn’t technology grand) I ate about a kilo of cheese on my birthday and the following day and it does bad things to your insides. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the wax as well :s Nathalie had to work on my birthday so I spent the day inspecting the towns wall while enjoying the hardest cheese I could find (I’m a little over soft cheese, I just wanted cheader or parmigiana) it wasn;t very hard. Nathalie came home with lots of little cakes, bread & cheese (which although made me burst a blood vessel was very tasty and well worth it), and a wizard figure for my nefew or niece (i want to build him or her a castle or palace, but either way a wizard fits in with both). We lit the candles (20 candles not 24, it made me feel better) and I made my wish. Then it was pizza, beer, and dancing :)

Nathalie’s 22nd birthday was the day before mine on the 2nd of may. It was also the day she started her new job at au buerau (I think that’s how you spell it, it means the office) which she seems to enjoy. Because she was at work I had a lot more time to prepare. I wanted to buy her party hats and but they don’t sell them in super markets here so I decided to make some. I bought some cardboard and sticky tape and with the help of a friendly Germans toe nail clippers I had two fancy looking hats. I also got her sims 2, an odd game where you control peoples lives, it’s like a virtual doll house for grown ups. We ate ice cream cake, drank cahors wine, and then pizza.

We’ve both been sick for the last few days which isn’t fun when it’s your birthdays plus in Nat’s case, you’re starting a new job. I was sick first so I have to live with the guilt that I made Nat sick :(

Well I’m going to shower and go visit Nat at her work.