I just dropped Nathalie at work for her second day. She doesn’t really like it there, it’s a really snooty French restaurant but she’s got another job offer starting on Wednesday and this is good experience for her. Plus it’s money and how can she be my sugar mumma if she’s not earning? I watching French TV and I’m a bit over not knowing what’s going on :(

I was sitting at a fountain reading my Tin Tin comic when 5 homeless looking ultra hippies, maybe Gipsy’s came with there pack of about 10 dogs. They pushed the dogs in the fountain, I assume to wash them, and then pulled them out. The dogs seemed in better condition then the people but were clearly scared of them and cowered when a fast movement was made. These people keep dogs with them so they cannot be arrested as the police need a vet present to arrest someone with a pet so you see a lot of these people with dogs, rabbits, cats, etc so I’ve been told. It was an odd sight so I took a photo.

France has a lack of public toilets and it gives the streets a distinct smell of urine. On my way back to our hotel today after dropping Nathalie off I saw an old man taking a slash in a car park. I was a little confused and I think I was staring. I did find what I think/hope was a public toilet. It was very odd and the troff was clearly visible from outside. I took my chances anyway.

We’re currently staying about 2.5Km out of town and it’s very country. There is a field next door with 3 horses in it, 2 white and a black. I don’t like the black one. We fed them carrots and took some photos of them. They don’t have horse shoes and there hooves are all cracked. Maybe that’s why horse shoes are good luck, because they stop your hooves from cracking. Maybe they are food horses and that’s why they don’t have shoes. I hope the black one is food but I’ll miss the 2 white ones. I named them.