I’m playing hang overs after a big night. Nathalie and I entertained some of Nat’s friends at her dad’s apartment in North Bridge. It’s a really cool apartment with a balcony on the main strip of Perth’s night area. We cooked a cake and I offered some to some passing Irish peasants walking along the foot path below us. They didn’t reply kindly and wanted to fight. I from the comfortable vantage point asked from where in England they came. I felt safe in a the apartment, separated from the 2 angry Irish by 4 metres, a security door, an elevator that needed keys, and the apartment door. I didn’t count on the persistence of the Irish and about 30 minutes after they disappeared to try and find the stairs they also appeared on the balcony. I was a lot more humble to them when they stood a level to me but when I turned to Nathalie I saw her eyes burn through me. Brenden noticed this too and I knew I had to coerce them to leave. I got them nearly to the front door when one of them offered to kick box Brenden, he said he was some sort of champ and I stopped doubting him when he removed his front two teeth and placed them on the kitchen bench and started bouncing around. With some help from the girls we finally got them out side of the apartment and locked the door.

When the clock struck kebab o’clock Brenden, Chris and I heading down the strip to get our fix. The kebabs cost $7 dollars which was very helpful as with notes it gave us a $2 coin in the change. All except Brenden who bought his girlfriend one too. It was helpful because we passed a $2 peep show on the way back to the apartment. We entered all excited, it was my first time at a $2 peep show and I entered a dark booth placed my $2 dollar coin in a slot about a opaque screen and to my amazement the screen instantly cleared and before my eyes was a naked girl doing something rather sexy with dice. She told me to close the door behind me to which obliged. It was then, in a closed cubical smaller than a toilet that the smell hit me. It was thick and I can still taste it in the back of my throat. I noticed tissues and a bin that was full of used ones. That kind of ruined it for me as I realised that dice girl was seeing other men :( I over heard Brenden struggling to put his $2 worth of 50c pieces in the $2 coin slot. I welcomed him into my booth but dice girl didn’t approve and the screen returned to its opaque beginning. I don’t think I’ll see her again, I think she was just using me.

Nathalie and I visited Fremantle and I saw a bus on it’s way to “Cockburn Central”. I didn’t get on it but I did take a photo. Nathalie told me then pronounce it differently and it’s a social fopa to in Perth to refer to it as Cock Burn and scratch yourself.