I’m still in Perth spending time with Natty and her family. We’ve been spending some time at Nat’s Dads place right in the centre of town. It’s noisy on a Saturday night and by saying that I feel old. We went dancing the other night, which was pretty cool. I’m getting really excited about travelling over seas now. It’s not long at all now. I’ve got a few pennies saved. I have a few thousand Australian Dollars, 20 British Pounds, 20 New Zealand Dollars (I have no plans on visiting there but I like to be prepared and Gerard doesn’t like to pay be back in Australian currency) and 1 Canadian Dollar. To put this in perspective for future readers here are some common benchmarks. The Australian Dollar is worth about 0.80 US Dollars, about 0.60 Euros, bread costs about $1 for a 700g loaf, gold costs $820 per ounce, my one way plane ticket cost $1280, a 2007 Hyundia Getz 3 door auto costs $15,990 ($330 extra for metallic paint), and energy costs as of today are as follows,

Nymex Crude Future 65.87
Dated Brent Spot 68.42
WTI Cushing Spot 65.87

Nymex Heating Oil Future 187.69
Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 205.80

Nymex Henry Hub Future 7.73
Henry Hub Spot 7.50
New York City Gate Spot 8.08

ELECTRICITY (US$/megawatt hour)
Mid-Columbia, firm on-peak, spot 19.36
Palo Verde, firm on-peak, spot 49.73
Bloomberg, firm on-peak, day ahead spot/West Coast 54.77