It’s been a week since I last blogged and here is what I’ve learnt since my last blog;

1) Don’t over load your postie bike or you’ll get death wobbles when you go over 80.

2) When you buy a postie bike at the auctions they put an extra 15% for a trading fee and $2.50 for using eftpos.

3) My dad is getting married again.


4) Learnt that I laugh in my sleep.

I had to drive all the way to Bankstown to pick up the postie I won at auction. I’m still deciding what to call my new baby. I was thinking of calling it cat and painting it black and white. I used my Dad’s van to pick it up but it doesn’t have any strapping points so I broke a few things trying to tie it down :( My new toy needs a mirrors and a brake leaver before I can get it registered. I think my bike at work might have a few things go missing :) Maybe a whole bike :) I hope no one at my work reads my blog. And if you do, you’re an accessory for doing so.