I had an exciting weekend :) My Australia Post Christmas party on Friday at the Styne, Dylan and Aleesha’s engagement party in Newie on Saturday, and then push bike riding around city on Sunday with Nathalie. The postie party had a $3000 beer tab so to get my quota I got in early. With all this sudden confidence I asked an older Italian postie for a dance. We danced until she got blisters and we had a wonderful time. Then when I saw her today she called me babe, my little Italian sugar mummy :)

It was nice to see all my Newie friends on Saturday. I hadn’t seen them for 3 months so I got a little over excited as I sometimes do and annoyed Dylan :( Nathalie didn’t come with me, I told everyone it was because she was having her period but even if God hadn’t punished her sex for that whole forbidden fruit mishap she still couldn’t have made it because she was at my Samantha’s hens night. I picked her up that night after driving back to Sydney being the good boyfriend that I am. She was a little drunk and we got a little intimate until she told me what Aaron’s (my sisters fiancé) favourite sex position was :s Something that she’d learnt about my sister in a quiz. I got into the foetal position and went to sleep with my eyes open.

On Sunday Nathalie and I went to the city by ferry. We rode around for a while and then she tricked me into playing shopping. 3 hours later and I’d bought her a dress :(