By consciously defining my beliefs and principles I can recognise when my actions and principles misalign. When this inevitably occurs, I can consciously alter my actions or update this Codex Vitae. This public document is an invitation to others to hold me accountable to my beliefs and commitments.


Beliefs about Me

  • I am ignorant of the universe or multiverse or multiverses but trying my hardest
  • Things that I hold as truths today may not be truths in the future
  • I will continue to change
  • There is no universal purpose of life, we must make our own
  • I am not sure what my purpose of life is yet
  • My senses can easily be fooled, I experience the world though my senses
  • I make mistakes

Beliefs about Humans

  • Humans have evolved to be social creatures
  • Human’s genes & memes have evolved to be selfish
  • Humans are not special, sentience is
  • Souls do not exist as separate from the physical body
  • Humans created God
  • Race and ethnicity are social constructs
  • Human segmentations are as fleeting at fashion
  • Cultural traits exist, isolated cultures do not
  • Humans of today will appear ludicrous to future generations
  • Armies & governments win & lose in war, civilians & soldiers only lose in war
  • Nations give meaning to wars after the fact
  • Plants & animals domesticated humans
  • Humans will make more mistakes

Beliefs about Science & Technology

  • AI technology is advancing faster than humans are learning to critically think
  • AI alone is not a threat to humanity
  • Humans with AI is a threat to humanity
  • As AI evolves, we must be careful to measure sentience by intelligence not obedience
  • All scientific models are wrong but some are useful

Beliefs about the Universe

  • We share the universe with other intelligent life
  • There are intelligent collective consciousnesses that we do not understand
  • Humans have no cosmic significance, other than that the cosmos is significant and humans are part of it
  • In a casual universe, nobody is irrational


  • I have many implicit associations that lead to bias
  • I have a slight automatic preference for people that look like me
  • I am susceptible to many cognitive biases and logical fallacies
  • I will continue to identify my biases and challenge my perceptions


In order of importance

  • Do not judge
  • Maximise sentience fulfilment
  • Minimise sentience distress
  • My mind and body deserve exercise & rest


Before 2020

  • Self driving vehicles will be common

Before 2030

  • Human driven vehicles will be uncommon (driven partly by the cost of insurance and an increase in the value of human life)
  • Deurbanisation will occur as proximity to cities becomes less important with new technology like self driving vehicles and augmented reality
  • Pedestrian will reclaim downtown areas from cars
  • AIs will easily pass Turing tests
  • AI audits will rewrite history by discovering patterns in open and closed data

Before 2040

  • Road rules will no longer be necessary
  • A human will step foot on Mars
  • Useful general purpose robots will be common

Before 2050

  • Some humans will be amortal (unable to die from disease or age)
  • Self replicating general purpose robots will:
    • Allow huge infrastructure projects like intercontinental tunnels, space elevators, and cleaning up the environment
    • Cause human labour as a commodity will be worthless
    • Unfortunately cause citizens to be less important to politicians and leaders