Experimenting with squatting

The toilet stalls at uni have anti squatting signs similar to this one.

At first I thought the idea of squatting on a toilet was silly but I don’t like blindly obeying signs and I like to try new things so…

And I’m glad I did, it is amazing! I have never felt so empty. After a little research I found out that squatting is the healthier option too. It minimises “fecal stagnation” (which just sounds awful) and reduces the risk of colon cancer, colitis, Crohn’s disease, contamination of the small intestine, diverticulosis, gynecological disorders, heart attacks, hemorrhoids, hiatus hernia and GERD, pregnancy and childbirth issues, prostate disorders, and sexual dysfunction!

Tips for new squatters; aim forward and make sure there is a toilet brush available.

Yet again, not obeying a sign has worked out well for me.

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6 comments on “Experimenting with squatting
  1. mouflette says:

    Greg forgot to mention that this also turns wiping unnecessary.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Congratulations, Greg!

    As you pointed out in your “Life Lessons Learned”:
    The majority aren’t always right

    • Greg says:

      Thanks Jonathan,
      With a squatting avatar you must be a serious fellow squatter!

      • Jonathan says:

        You bet I’m serious! The site you linked to, naturesplatform.com, is my own. Each day 700-800 people visit and learn the cause of many diseases that have baffled the medical profession. It won’t be long before the Surgeon General will tell everyone to start squatting, just as she tells us to stop smoking. Mark my words!

        (And thanks for the link — that’s how I found your blog.)

  3. Greg says:

    It might be worth looking in to Nathalie, it would explain the correlation between western countries and colitis

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