Chat Roulette Fun

Chat Roulette is a webcam chat site that matches you with a stranger. 25% of the time, the stranger is a guys waist but most of the time you get a face. I was getting bored with that so I decided to have a little bit of fun. I installed a virtual webcam (Webcam Studio) and downloaded webcam videos made by children on YouTube. Here are the results

This guy asked if I was a virgin…

At least this guy kept his underwear on

I had about 20 funny screenshots but only these 2 were appropriate for my blog. Most of the time it was a disgusted/concerned face that quickly hit the next button :)

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4 comments on “Chat Roulette Fun
  1. khalid says:


  2. Theo says:

    I tried Chat Roulette once but was far too disturbed by all the old creepy naked men!

  3. Greg says:

    thanks for the heads up, I’ve fixed the problem :) Thanks to facebook API’s, any comment you make here goes to my blog too :) Yay for the future!

  4. I tried to comment on this on your blog but God doesn’t like me. That is quite disturbing. I was reading an article a few weekends ago about an older woman who wanted to see if anyone would talk to her. She was feeling rather rejected that for a full hour most people clicked next immediately… until one of the people pointed out that she had not turned her webcam on so all they could see was a black screen 😛

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