Greg’s Guide to Women

Women are odd creatures and this site will help you understand them better.

A woman’s body

Women differ from normal people because they have long hair, boobies, and do not have a penis.

Their lack of penis restricts their ability to pee standing and because of this they have special toilets known as the ladies room which is denoted by this sign.

A women’s body is also the source of babies. When a man and a women cuddle in a certain way the women gets fat and after 9 months a baby comes out of the place that the penis is on normal people.

Women and sport

Women can play sport too. These include games things like beach volleyball and tennis

Uses for women

Women are useful, they are not only used to make babies, they can also be taught to do things like drive motor vehicles. This allows them to go places like the shops or even a cinema.

Here is a picture of a female scientist.


This is a pretty comprehensive guide to women but if you have any more questions about women please contact me  I’ll answer them for you.