We lost our beautiful boy kitty today. He was 16.5 years old. We knew it was coming, we took him to the vet a couple of days after Jazz died as he was acting strangely. The vets discovered multi nodule growths in his liver and stomach. They told us he may pass in the next couple of days. Hercie gave us another month of cuddles, and after having just lost Jazz, we were really grateful. Since his diagnosis we had been sleeping on a small foldout mattress in Diana’s studio because that’s where Hercie wanted to sleep. Last night I was woken up by a paw to the face asking for attention. After a few strokes I would fall asleep and then be reawoken in the same manner. This went on for quite some time and it’s something that Diana had normally bore the brunt of. It was a wonderful last night to have with him. We were lucky to have had such amazing cats.

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