This week we decided to take advantage of uncooperative winds and played tourist!

We sailed to Hatchet Bay, known as “The safest harbour in the Bahamas”. We hitchhiked to Hatchet Bay Caves with some new friends, who shared some local knowledge and introduced us to a tamarind tree. Afterwards, they thought it was too hot for us to walk, so they dropped us back by our boat. What lovely people!

Our friend Emmett (who runs the convenience store near the dinghy dock) kindly offered to take us to the windward side so we could explore the beaches. He was collecting sand for his house project, so we had an hour to explore. We climbed up a giant sand dune, to find a beautiful beach on the other side. It was a great spot for collecting sea glass and we soon had more than we could hold.

The next day, we rented a car with buddy boat Jennabird. We went to the Glass Window Bridge (the narrowest part of Eleuthera), where you see the contrast between the open ocean and the peaceful sound. Afterwards, we continued to Harbour Island and enjoyed the quaint architecture and the gorgeous pink sand. We rented a golf cart and Greg LOVED driving it!

After our adventure, we met some new friends on St. Nicolas de Sauzon and Barefoot Adventures and we all went out for pizza.

Next stop: Spanish Wells!

Credits: Drone Footage courtesy of Barrett and Robert on St. Nick (the beautiful catamaran in front of us!)

Opening scenes of Catsaway coming through the cut courtesy of Harry and Alicia from Jennabird

“Winds of Spring” by the 126ers “If I Had a Chicken” by Kevin MacLeod “Lovable Clown Sit Com” by Sir Cubworth

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