Catsaway rescues a dog! We arrived in Miami and had a great time exploring South Beach and visiting with friends. After several days anchored by the Venetian Causeway, we moved to a mooring ball at Dinner Key Marina. We had just moored when we heard a dog barking on a neighbouring boat. Greg looked up just in time to see the dog jump into the water. We thought it was cute, but then realized that the dog couldn’t get back up to the boat by herself, and that no one had seen her go in. She started swimming towards land, with only her little head above water. The wind was 15-20 knots and there were white caps on the water, which made it difficult to keep an eye on her. We quickly launched our dinghy and went after her. As soon as she saw us, she switched course and started swimming towards us. Greg hauled her up on the dinghy, and we turned around to check to see if her owner was on board. After calling several times, we decided it was best to take her to the marina so they could contact her owner. After several days of not knowing (and us considering adopting her!), it turns out that her owner had unexpectedly ended up in the hospital. The staff at Dinner Key Marina did a great job of taking care of Honey, giving her fresh water, toys and even air conditioning when it became hot outside. :)

We completed the pet paperwork for the Bahamas. 1) Fill out the form 2) Get an INTERNATIONAL money order from the post office - price per pet ($10) + facsimile return ($5) + VAT (7.5%) 3) Sign up for so you can receive incoming faxes for free 4) Mail the form and the international money order to the Department of Agriculture (use the address that’s on the website, NOT the one on the form) 5) We sent our application on a Thursday and received the faxed permit on Monday.

Next up on our list was provisioning! Below is a rough list of what we bought: -Paper products (paper towel, toilet paper) -Maintenance supplies (oil, filters, coolant) -Cleaning supplies (dish and laundry soap, dust cloths) -Canned goods (tomatoes, pasta sauce, soups, vegetables, meats, seafood) -Dried goods (rice, beans, milk powder, lentils, flour, sugar, salt, popcorn, coffee, tea etc) -Oils and spices -Tinfoil, tupperware, plastic wrap -Long lasting fresh produce (squash, cabbage, citrus, plantains, potatoes, etc) -Fishing supplies (lures, lines) -Extra lighters for our stove -Cat food -Extra thru hull plugs -Splash Zone epoxy for emergency repairs (this epoxy cures underwater) -Self cleaning supplies (shampoo, soap, baby wipes) -extra fuses, sail slides -Beer -Probably more that we can’t remember

It was a job in itself getting all this stuff to the marina, then onto the boat. Next time, we would likely pay for a slip so we could walk to the boat directly. Luckily the marina shuttle was running, otherwise it would have been several trips back and forth on the dinghy.

We’re all set for the Bahamas!

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