This episode follows the delivery of our boat from Cape Cod, MA to Chaumont, NY. When the boat was picked up from Cape Cod, a 6 inch crack was discovered in the hull. By the time it was transported to the Chaumont Yacht Club, the crack had widened to 16 inches. We repaired the crack with a lot of help and guidance from our friend Charles. A big thanks also to the Chaumont Yacht Club, for lending us tools and supplies, and for being helpful and encouraging.

After the fiberglass repair was completed, we launched Catsaway into Lake Ontario for her first taste of fresh Canadian water. :)

Thank you Charles, Sophia, Doug, Chris, Geordie and the members and employees of the CYC.

List of supplies/equipment we used: -West Marine West System 105 Epoxy Resin -West Marine West System 205 Fast Hardener -West Marine Fiberglass Mat -Acetone -Rollers -Paintbrush -Tray for the epoxy -Measuring Tape -Mixing Sticks -Bucket -Shrink Wrap (but you can use saran wrap too) -Duct tape -Grinder -Hydraulic jack -Saw -Plywood -Hairdryers -Lots of rags and elbow grease to clean up :)

P.S. We started to get questions about why the crack wasn’t noticed into the survey. Here are our thoughts:

When we surveyed the boat, we noticed slight recession of the hull, but no crack. We actually have close up pictures of that exact spot! Our theory on why the crack happened: 1) the original owner had switched hauling companies this past spring and they asked for a different set up with long wooden beams (he was using cinder blocks and plywood previously).
2) We think the new company set down the boat at the wrong place, which caused the hull recession.
3) As the owner prepared the boat for transport, he added more load (including filling the fuel tanks).

Our best guess is that the combination of being on the hard for a longer length of time than normal (resting in the wrong spot) + slightly more load caused the hull the crack between our survey and transport day.

Music Credits: Princess (Instrumental Version) - Josh Woodward Orbit (Instrumental Version) - Josh Woodward Perfect (Instrumental Version) - Josh Woodward PS: We really like Josh Woodward