Seven nights was a good start for my exploration of Montréal. I’ve created a travel map which will continue to be updated as the city reveals itself. My French came in handy and I ordered most of my meals in a chewed up Australian version of French. For the most part got what I wanted. I was lucky enough to meet some really interesting people, friends of friends of friends etc and also a special lady :) Great dinner/lunch/coffee company and conversation was always easy to find. One night we watched The Kids Are All Right (IMDB lies, it’s way better then 7.1) at a new friends home. After the film we spent 15 minutes analysing what we had just watched. During the conversation I remember thinking, this is a wonderful place and I’m really enjoying my life :)

Just for Laughs Gags is an awesome show but now I can’t take Montréal police seriously. Whenever I saw a cop I would look at them sideways expecting them to do something funny.


There was an audio visual piece at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts about some Canadian Riots in 2011. I watched the whole thing waiting for the gag. It turns out that 140 people were injured during the riot so I probably shouldn’t have been staring at the screen with a smile on my face.