My replacement (Amy) is here and my handover is complete :) It’s a nice feeling. Today I took Amy for a final drive around base making sure to point out all the decent coffee shops. My handover also involved teaching Amy how to play the ukulele. I’ll leave Amy my bush uke, I’m trying to get rid of as much weight as possible before I head home.

Driving around base with Amy

On Tuesday I played my first paid gig. Wes at the NAAFI gave me an open mic for a set of two songs and paid me in coffee. I played I’m yours and hallelujah. My nervous fingers played in fast-forward and I made a lot of mistakes but I still got a clap at the end.

Playing Uke at the NAAFI

On Friday I finally got outside the wire. Camp Hero has a heavy weapons range and is about 3 km from KAF. We visited to play with thermite grenades and old cars. On the way home we visited a Soviet tank grave yard. Apparently some of the tanks still start over 20 years later.

I’ve got 2000 words due for an assignment which is stressing me out, P’s get degrees and my last assignment was a Pass + :)

Soviet Tanks