My trip has been extended until April but I’ll be back to party by ANZAC day. Hump day (the halfway mark) had already passed and it was weird hitting that point twice. It was a compliment being asked to stay longer and I’ve got nothing else to do :) The position is in KAF and I’m looking forward to good coffee again. My next uni session starts in two weeks (Theories of Justice and Film & Philosophy) and I’ve got the books to read on shift. It’s probably a good time to leave here, I’ve pulled a few pranks that might come back to bite me soon. My unpopular boss was out at a FOB and requested his USB HD to help pass the time. I got my hands on it and filled it with chick flicks movies and TV shows and hid everything he already had on it. After some pissed off radio traffic I let him know how to get his files back. We all had a good laugh but he’ll be back and in charge again soon but I should miss him :)

Since my last entry Egypt has disposed it’s dictator leadership which many attribute to a domino effect of the wikileaks incident. Julian Assange seems to have done more for spreading democracy in the 4 months I’ve been in Afghanistan than the whole 10 year war on terror. A Norwegian politician, Snore Valen, has nominated Julian Assange for the Nobel peace prize, he said “It’s easy to support freedom of speech when the one who speaks agrees with you politically.”