Happy New Year! While my Sydney mates were partying I was playing on a radio trying to play it cool while my field mates sent in contact reports. The TB had the decency to allow the boys out field to close one contact report 10 minutes before midnight Sydney time before it kicked off again 10 minutes after midnight Sydney time. The army gave me two sets of multicams (which was good because I tore one pair of my old cams climbing the fence to get back into camp after forgetting the gate combination) and two beers (which we didn’t end up having to pay for after some apparent uproar in Australia) for christmas :) I haven’t changed sides, they are just testing a new cam design. They weren’t wrapped but I still appreciate the thought. My family went to more effort, Zander and Zalhi have been writing to me non stop and I’ve plastered my walls with their efforts, even covering some of the porn on my walls (from the previous occupant, I’m not complaining though). On a side note, woman have a positive effect on the morality of groups so maybe all the porn here is actually a good thing although some of these girls are very very naughty so maybe not. I digress. While I’ve been away I’ve been sticking to my Paleo diet (eating like a cave man). Fittingly, I’ve got worms just like a caveman would have. A lot of the guys here are on hydroxycut and alike, I think worms are a paleo alternative. It was becoming unbearable so I hit up the doc and I’m medicated.

I’m feeling quite settled now so I’ve started getting up to mischief. By playing my cards carefully I’m getting the most out of my efforts. My plan is to trick people into tricking each other, I want to be the puppet master of piratical jokes. Already two victims are planning elaborate piratical jokes against each other, unknown to them that they are merely pawns in my quest for entertainment.

I was thinking about fate and finding the right one and I’ve come to the conclusion that if there is one right person for every other person, then life would be boring. I choose to believe that there are many right ones out there and that I have the power to choose one of them. I hope that doesn’t sound unromantic, I kind of think it’s more romantic if the individuals have a choice in it.

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