The cat is out of the bag. Today I received an email from my sister letting me know that my CO had sent out an email detailing the importance of our work in Afghanistan. This is a little bit problematic because I had told my family that I was playing army in the Solomon Islands. If my family didn’t know, they wouldn’t worry and them worrying wouldn’t make this trip any easier for them or me. My mum had started to clue on that something was different and she made me swear on my life that I wasn’t going to Afghanistan. I did, thinking that it was funny to swear on my life that I wasn’t doing something because it was dangerous.

Our shift roster is taking it toll and I feel tired most of the time and as such, I haven’t spent much time at the gym (that’s my excuse for being lazy :) ). Basically we do 8 hours on, 8 hours off, 8 hours on, 8 hours off, 8 hours on, 18 hours off, 4 hours on, 12 hours on, and repeat. That’s why I probably won’t be writing too much while I’m away, that and the fact that I’m living a ground hog day life atm :) While I was at the dentist (brush in circles not horizontally :( ) I heard about a young American bloke in the emergence ward who had lost his legs and an arm to an IED. It puts it in perspective, I’m loosing sleep while more unfortunate blokes on both sides are loosing limbs and lives and children are loosing parents and the chance at an education.