We had to get rid of Molly today :( she did some weird open mouthed kiss to Zander’s face and it was just a little disconcerting. I don’t think it was vicious but she’s a big dog and could still hurt the little ones. Sam also said she wasn’t comfortable with the way Molly looked at Zander. Mum and I took her to the RSPCA and they gave us a nice story about how they’ll find her a place in the country. I sat there with her and tried to remain calm so she wouldn’t sense my sadness but she knew something was up. She kept fretting. She’s a beautiful dog and I’ll miss her. I really felt like I’d abused her trust by taking her to the RSPCA. The decision was quick and I’m still coming to terms with never seeing my dog again. Sam told me that dogs are more resilient than we think and that she’ll be fine where ever she goes, which helped a little. She kissed the receptionist on the face when she was collaring her and then Molly disappeared on a new adventure, one without me :(