I had a good and bad weekend. Mac Uni won Sydney Uni’s Frisbee IV (we had a very big team :) ), Dee and I won best dressed at the costume party (Dee put my costume over the line with the help of her white body paint, toilet paper, and felt), and then the bad started. When I returned to my bike to leave I found a missing mirror and some other minor damage then on my ride back to Newcastle I reflected a police radar too fast. It was my first speeding ticket and it’s good to try new things so I suppose it’s not all bad (only one point and $84 for under 10 over).

I’m currently studying ethnicity and it’s got me thinking about the silly norms of our society. For instance, we consume a poison to socialise and when our body uses pain to tell us there is something wrong we use pain killers. I haven’t taken pain killers for quite a few years because it doesn’t make sense to me but I am yet to conquer alcohol and caffeine. In an effort to wean myself off from the alcohol vice I was hoping to only drink on Friday night and stay dry on Saturday night. I succeeded in the first part of my plan but fate was against me in my Saturday night attempt. It started with Dee offering me a cider while we worked on our costumes and ended with winning a jug of beer thanks to those costumes :s