2017 update: I bought a boat, follow along as we visit some of these islands.

Have you ever wanted to start your own country on some island? Here is a list of possible territories to conquer.

Kermadec Islands

Population: Uninhabited except for the permanently manned Raoul Island Station
Currently claimed by: New Zealand
Climate: Sub tropical
Area: 33km^2
Location: Pacific Ocean, near New Zealand, 29°16′37″S 177°55′24″W
Conquering may be difficult. Although the islands have a small population, they are government funded so they will have reinforcements. The Island some sort of sanctuary for birds but so was New Zealand at one stage.

Tetepare Island

Population: Uninhabited
Currently claimed by: Solomon Islands
Climate: Tropical
Area: 118km^2
Location: Pacific Ocean, near Solomon Islands, 8°43′00″S 157°33′00″E
This island is the largest uninhabited island in the Pacific and some conservationists believe that makes it special and worth protecting. There are traditional owners also which may have something to say about you claiming their land. There were scared off by head hunters a century ago so the same trick might work again :)

Blasket Islands

Population: Uninhabited
Currently claimed by: Ireland
Climate: Mild, moist and changeable
Area: ~20km^2
Location: Atlantic Ocean, near Ireland, 52°05′21″N 10°32′49″W
This island was occupied until the mid 20th century. It is very close to Ireland and there are some archaeological sites on the island which the locals may want protected.

Antipodes Islands

Population: Uninhabited
Currently claimed by: New Zealand
Climate: Cold and yucky
Area: 20km^2
Location: South Pacific, south of New Zealand, 49°40′0.12″S 178°46′0″E
These islands are not very friendly, in the middle of nowhere and cold. Also these islands are again some sort of nature reserve.

Palmyra Atoll

Population: 4-20 scientists
Currently claimed by: the United States
Climate: Tropical
Area: 12km^2
Location: Pacific Ocean, South of Hawaii, 5°53′N 162°5′W

Nomans Land

Population: Uninhabited
Currently claimed by: the United States
Climate: Humid continental climate
Area: 2.5km^2
Location: Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Massachusetts, USA, 41°15′18.00″N 70°48′54.00″W
No Man’s Land, pfft, this island was used as a practice bombing range for 50 odd years so there might be some unexploded ordnance, other than that it seems like a good candidate.

Acteon Group

Population: Uninhabited
Currently claimed by: France
Climate: Temperate
Area: ~4km^2 spread over 4 atolls
Location: 21°22′59″S 136°34′59″W
These atolls would be perfect for setting up a new country if they weren’t 230km away from the French nuclear testing site :(

Ducie Island

Population: Uninhabited
Currently claimed by: Pitcairn Islands, kind of part of the Commonwealth.
Climate: Not too yucky
Area: 2km^2
Location: Middle of the Pacific Ocean, 24°41′S 124°47′W
This island is my favourite for conquering, it’s in the middle of nowhere and no one visits it. It has a lagoon to harbour ships and hopefully fresh water though a Ghyben-Herzberg Lens.

Although not an island Bir Tawil is also worth a mention.

Population: Uninhabited
Currently claimed by: Nobody
Climate: Desert with rocks
Area: 2,060 km^2
Location: Border between Egypt and Sudan, 21°52′14″N 33°44′14″E
Neither country wants this land because it means giving up some other land. For a decent explanation check out StrangeMaps.

There are many possibilities, Wikipedia has a page on uninhabited regions which makes creating your own countries easier then ever! My country will be based on information anarchism; individuals will transcended their physical bodies and live forever through their works, much as Leonardo da Vinci has lived on though Lisa’s smile.

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