Today was my first full day off in a couple of months (the first since Christmas I think). Our roster is over 16 days, 4 day shifts, 4 afternoon shifts, 4 graveyard shifts, and then 3 rest on call shifts (the extra day is eaten up by the rotating process). Rest on call days are normally shorter days unless they fall on a Sunday in which case we get the whole day off :) and because of the way the rosters work it can be a couple of months before that happens. We do get down time here and to be honest my job isn’t that challenging but it was nice to sleep in to noon and not have to don my uniform for a whole day.

After a light lunch of fruit, meat, and olives, and a coffee with Mark (Cattaneo, Sig, Nathalie’s Brother) and Rod (Int) I hit the pool in my talk of the town red Milano swimmers. Timmy (CML Sig) made his usual comment and looked at them for too long to be comfortable. I was then invited to a police BBQ which ended up being rained out so we all headed back to the pool and played relays at the demands of Aleena (the latin dance teacher). After the pool came Latin dancing. My legs were sore so I didn’t put in but I learned the foot work for Salsa which looks really fun. I threw in some Ceroc moves while dancing Goomba with Megan (PPF), she told Jeramey (Tech Sig) that I had put him to shame. That was a bad idea, Jeramey is very competitive and he has become quite cold towards me since I joined the dance classes.

Last night the Sigs had dinner at the Honiara Hotel. It was the last such occasion as the New Zealanders were heading home next week. I sat next to Robyn, the NZ sig, which made the night very frustrating. Robyn turned everything into a dirty pun to bring the conversation to a level she was comfortable with. I really can’t stand her, she just doesn’t have the skills necessary to act in a non repulsive way out at dinner or in a professional way at work. She has a chip on her shoulder about something and defiantly didn’t get my sense of humour which didn’t help our relationship. But enough about Robyn. After dinner we followed the NZ Sgts lead and swam in the pool. I, not thinking we were going to go for a swim, wore my bonds camouflaged under wear which brought me lots of ridicule.

I’ve had some great coffee of late thanks to my mum, she’s sent me everything I need and prior to night shifts I take full advantage of my new milk frother to make a brilliant brew. I looking forward to getting home and making a