There coming to pick us up tomorrow. I was hoping we’d leave today because I really needed to go to the toilet and didn’t like the idea of squatting over a soggy hole in tall grass but I wasn’t so lucky and had an awful experience. On the up side another night here probably means more pipping hot sweat potatoes from the locals and another visit to the river for a swim. But now that live gotten use to the insects, heat and mud I’m actually enjoying myself. I’ve slowed to the pace of the locals. I just lie on my reed bed studying the insects and the occasional radio check. The locals come and join us, they just sit next to us for half the day. I’m not sure how the economy works in these parts but it makes the locals very time rich. I guess the jungle must provide. Everyone else is asleep, a pig is investigating us and the local children from the school are watching. I think I’ll have another sleep then a swim in the river.