Some new PPF players arrived the other day and one has really gotten the boys attention. She is very well endowed. She’s a blue shirt which is a sworn police woman meaning that she walks around base with a loaded gun and handcuffs on a heavy black belt exaggerates her hip swing. I love walking behind her watching her hips swing and knowing that she has the ability hurt me so much. If that wasn’t great enough I found out that she’s running dance classes. I’ve become known as a bit of a dance floor diva in these parts due to a few cracks at Christmas and NYE. Tonight fashioning a week long moe that really isn’t worth writing about I turned up for a lesson. Playing it cool I turned up 15 minutes early. She ran us through some basic Latin dance steps, her bare feet massaged the ground and I was envious. Her hips flowed. So sexy, I tried very hard mixing in some Ceroc moves to show off a little, not too much. But after dancing with me she suggested I dance with some of the less experienced people, I was torn. After an hour of bare foot dancing we finished and she showed off some samba moves. A blur of feet glided her body across the floor, I was even more amazed and determined to learn Latin dance. I’ll practice my foot work on shift :)

Today also brought good news about my Australian Antarctic Division application. I’m applying for the position of communications tech and supervisor communications tech. There are 4 stations and each has 2 positions so I think my chances are pretty good. Ads the Geek applied for the position as well. He doesn’t have much experience in radio communications so I’m not sure how he’ll go. As luck would have it Adcock comes before Clarke in the alphabet so he received a call before me regarding his application. I grilled him about the pseudo interview and I collected valuable information that gave me time to prepare. By the time the call came I had a word document with bases, scientific research, etc ready to go. One of the simple questions was what station do you want to go to. I chose Dawson and gave him two reasons for wanting it, it has a laser that shoots into space (worded better) and it’s the furtherest south. That gave me some real brownie points as it showed how much I knew about the stations. A question about the receiver strength of a VHF radio lost me but that was the only answer I wasn’t confident about. I shot back as many questions as they shot at me trying to allude to my great communications skills. I think it worked and I hung up feeling really confident about success.

We’re shooting flat people tomorrow so I’d better shower after my gym session, I’ve been good today, dance and gym and I even had my protein shake with water not soy milk (but it doesn’t mix well so never again). Good night.