The train for Alexanderop left Athens at the ungodly hour of 6 something yesterday morning. The land scape changed from greens, to greens, oranges, & white then finally to solid white as the train carried me through the mountains. a Greek girl started chatting with me and invited me to her place while i wait the 8 hours for my connection to Constantinople (what the Greeks call Istanbul). I met her family then she took me out for dinner (a euros and she insisted she pay). We returned to the family home for Greek coffee then explored the city accompanied by her younger sister.

While waiting for the night train connection to Constantinople i struck up more conversations with an American Islamic mother & child, and a French student studying in Istanbul. The mother was interested in my trip and offered her husbands assistance in driving me to the appropriate bus terminal with connections to Galipoli. By the time we reached Istanbul (9 hours later) the mother of 6 had collected 3 new strays (frenchy, an American girl, & myself) which she distributed throughout the city.

With some assistance from a helpful Turkish high school student i ordered my bus ticket and 6 hours later, at 18:30, i arrived in Eckabash on the Galipoli peninsulapininclour. I found a hostel, ate an odd sort of kebab, had a nice long shower, then visited the barber for a cut and a shave. Gapilopi the movie had just started when i returned to the hostel so i settled down to get annoyed at British officers.