Friday night was a heavy drinking session with the boys (my 3 second cousins from Bracknell). It was my farewell from Bracknell. We hit Windsor at a bar call ha ha then a club called liquid. A girl in liquid told me i had petty eyes :) then asked if i was gay. I macked it out on the dance floor and due to my unfitness a quickly exhausted myself thus needed frequent refreshments. We kebabed outside, had words with fellow drunk testosterone sacks, then taxied home. It was a good experience but nearly identical to a night out in oz. The only differences were, peculiar open kebabs with very little salad & no BBQ sauce, colder whether, funny accents, and 3 times as expensive (55 quid, $140 in gods currency).

I am currently in Swanage at my grans. She took me out for lunch today and tried to fatten me up with various temptation during the day. I survived all but one attempt. I’ll be in Swanage until the 9th of October.

There is talk of an election here. I enjoy being immersed in foreign elections, i think they show a lot about the people. The candidates are David Cameron and Gordon brown. David Cameron is a sleazy fellow who touches his nose when lying and doesn’t allow ladies to pass in front of him through door ways. Gordon brown is also sleazy who is too religious for my liking. I want to vote to finish my British experience but i don’t trust either of them. I want to know what they’re going to do for the Aussie backpacker. I don’t suppose there is a pro republic party?