I’m on the bus today, Cathy is playing with horses this evening. I don’t mind because I needed some exercise and it’s a 20 minute walk to the bus stop. The custom at work is to bring sweets and chocolate for everyone on special occasions but because I work in an office full of women they use any occasion to ‘treat’ them selves which results in chocolate and sweets been available everyday. I was moved on Monday directly across from my boss and right next to where the chocolate and sweets are distributed. While it’s understandable that my boss chooses to look at me all day, although i don’t know how she’s going to get any work done now, it’s annoying been so close to so much tasty sugar. but I’m not one to turn down attention (Except maybe from Bec Cartwright, I don’t like her chin) so I’ll sit there contently :)

I’m back home now, I’ve eaten dinner. I was talking to a Czech friend at lunch today and she was telling me about her home land. She showed me some pictures and I’m keen to visit Prague. They have an easter tradition where the men of the town get two sticks from by the river, weave them together, put a ribbon on the end, and then hit the girls to keep them pretty. It sounds fun!