I missed beavers but still went Ceroc dancing with Haley tonight. My legs are sore. I wore suspenders because it makes me look classy so I pointed this out to Kay before we left. On the way there I also informed Haley of my suspenders which by this stage were under my jumper and she looked puzzled at me. I flicked them and she corrected me, in England they are called braces, and suspenders are the things girls attach their stockings to from their knickers. I would have looked the right fool impressing girls who I was dancing with by saying “do you like my suspenders?”. I pointed this out to Kay, she laughed.

I booked flights and accommodation in Amsterdam for me and Haley :) and now I’m looking into a trans siberian train trip home, I can get as far as China then fly or swim the rest of the way. I think I’d be an adventure but I’d like to do it with someone. I can get the tickets from China so I might get my new step mum to hook me up seen as though she is Chinese.

Bot bot update; it’s itchy so I think it’s going to peel :( stupid British sun burn, it wasn’t even hot!

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