Now I’m on the bus home after a hard 7 hours work. Nothing too exciting happened apart from having lasagna instead of salad for lunch and finding the strength button on the coffee machine :) Fridays are alway exciting though because it’s the day they test the fire alarm. At about 10am for about 5 seconds the fire alarm sounds, which is good i suppose unless a fire breaks out for 5 seconds at about 10am on a Friday, we’d all be burnt alive with no warning :(

George will make an appearance at laura’s birthday do but can’t eat anything because it comes back up and although chocolate cake can taste nice when in the form of forced seconds, he’s only two so might not have his regurgitate-chew-swallow-reflex down pat. Plus he’s become self aware and just like Skynet in the terminator series, he’s been naughty. We’re lucky he isn’t employed by the US government and doesn’t have the same resources as Skynet.

I bought laura a bottle of wine. I like wine presents Because if they don’t like it they don’t feel obliged to keep it, they can just lie to you “yeah Greg, it was really nice”. My stop!