My co-workers are really smart good looking funny people. On an unrelated note, Cathy, my cousin, showed the office, to my embarrassment, my blog. On another unrelated note, Cathy is 1/4 pikie on the opposite side of the family to me :)

I’m at the airport about to fly to Germany. I walked here from work because the roads were chaos after flooding, it rains a lot here. People at work weren’t complaining too much because there was a summer party going on down stairs with beer and ice cream. You can make beer spiders with that combination :) everything is quite hectic here been the first day of school holidays and my flight is delayed so I’m sitting here drinking some lemonade that is apparently ‘just like granny makes it’ waiting for a screen to change from blue to red to let me know how delayed my flight is :( I could be enjoying beer spiders. I’m going to tell my granny that her lemonade is too bubbly when I see her next. I smuggled some toothpaste past customs, I’m a bad person but I thought it was wrong to charge me £1 for a clear bag to prove I’m not a terrorist. If my toothpaste was capable of destroying a plane, think of the damage it would do to my teeth! They chose me for a ‘random’ personal search. I use ‘random’ loosely because I know he was just looking for an excuse to touch me, and to make it less obvious he did it to a dozen people before and after me, you’re not fooling anyone mate, but I don’t blame you and I’m not one to turn down any attention 😉