I left the tram and after five minutes walking the hostel appeared. It was clean but cozy. I entered a room with 6 beds, one occupied by a French Canadian Chick, and 4 occupied by young Irish fellows. After a quick chat I hit the town on my lonesome to make some German friends. It didn’t really work :( and the only guy I spoke to was an ex army Sargent who left shortly after I bought him a round, not that I cared when the beers were 1.5e. After standing in a club looking uncomfortable and drinking my beer to try and lessen my uncomfortability I went in search of food. For 3e I got the biggest piece of pizza I’d ever seen and a long neck of beer. I sat down and enjoyed my pizza, drank my beer, watched the hundreds of push bikes go by, then retired to the hostel.

The next day I got up fairly early as I normally do after a night on the piss and walking into the town centre where I found a market. I wondered through and came across a gentleman selling bikes. I asked “How much?”
to which he replied “30”,
I said “5”,
He said “10”,
I said “5”,
He said “7”,
I said “OK”,
and I had a bike. It was an old red girls bike with only a back peddle brake so people kept asking me question in German assuming I was a local, I’d look at them blankly and because I can’t get my head around multiple foreign languages I would reply with something in French explaining that I don’t speak German and then peddle onto my next adventure.

I visited some Art Galleries in Bremen which all impressed me. The first was The Bremen Art Museum and I could have spent the weekend in there, not because it was so big but because they gave you seats to sit on and the art works were really challenging. The classical works were very fresh and not as dry as other art I’ve seen here in Europe and their contemporary pieces were very industrial which was quite refreshing after the Louvre. I would like to visit some more German Art Galleries.

After a Day of exploring Bremen’s parks and side streets on my bike I heading back to the hostel
to consume beer that came in plastic bottles and chips (or crisps if you’re a soap dodger) with what I though was dip but ended up been potato salad. I drank with my room mates and after some drinking games we headed to a club that was 4 floors high (I didn’t find that out until after I left) and we boogied till 4am.

The next day I did another 2 art galleries which didn’t impress me as much as the first one but were still good. Then I did some more bicycle exploring and bought some little red berries that I’d never seen before. They were too sour and the ducks in the park agreed with me. It was annoying having such a late flight out, been a Sunday there wasn’t as much to do so I ended up arriving at the airport 3 hours early. I put a sign on my bicycle that read “Free Bike” and left it on the bike rack near the tram stop. After a yet another pat down from custom officers 😉 I found a comfortable bench and kipped out until my plane arrived.